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Why I Choose to Not Hate Cancer….


There is no room for hate….period. Hate is destructive, hate is a cancer in and of itself. Hate is a word we don’t even allow our kids to use in the home. Hate is contempt of the heart.

I know that I write this in the early stages of Brien’s diagnosis, but we have decided to welcome this journey as a way to transcend. This is not something we are looking to fight because when you fight you have a 50/50 chance to either win or loose. If we are open to growth, we never loose. A dear friend of mine and owner of New Direction Coaching, Linda McCarthy reminded me that everything that comes into our lives, comes to serve us. Everything we are faced with is an opportunity to expand our soul.

So do I have moments of anger about cancer? Absolutely! But I can be angry without hate. Brien and I have made a decision that we would rather Transcend Cancer, than fight cancer. We are not going to win or loose, we are going to grow.  Will you join us in our journey to Transcend Cancer?

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  • This is such a beautiful post. We only live in two frequencies, love or hate. Other emotions are derivatives of these two. We are all made of energy and the vibration of hate is not conducive to healing. Coming from a place of understanding and love, will transcend and allow Briens body to have a greater understanding of why it has chosen to come into his life at this time. Anger is completely understandable, it can visit, but I know you will not allow it to unpack and make a comfy home in your energy field. Sending you both love and prayers.

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