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The Most Beautiful Firework

“Cause baby you’re a firework, come and show them what you’re worth…”

My sweet girl used to sing this song from the top of her lungs daily. So much so that I finally stenciled it into her wall.

Charlee firework

Charlee was born a firework. She exhibited such passion and fire from the moment she opened her mouth. A soul like Charlee is destined to do great things, she just needs some special guidance. After all, the great ones never walk the straight and narrow path, they veer into the unknown and sometimes even dangerous territory if their energy is not tamed, or if trauma takes them down the wrong path.

And so although I have to be apart from her for some time as she gets the education and training she needs to ensure her superpowers are used for good, I will continue to tell the world about this amazing girl and show my love for her in every way I know how.


10 months ago our family was hit with a bout of domestic violence that turned our world upside down. Although the transformation that we are experiencing as a result of the aftermath is exactly what we need, the trauma has taken its toll on all of us. Noah’s running career changed substantially, I experience frequent panic attacks, and Charlee, well, she internalized it possibly more than anyone.

And so now is the time for her to heal and grow. Charlee is 5 hours away at a school that will help her heal and shine her light so brightly it will light up the world.

With today being National Daughter’s Day, I wanted to ensure I pay proper tribute to this beautiful girl…..my favorite girl in the entire universe.

We welcome love, prayers and positive vibes as she walks this road less traveled.

If you want to further support Charlee’s journey, please visit https://gofund.me/c86c0065

Thank you for your continued support.


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