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The Benefits of Chia Seed

Chia seed has become a staple for me ever since reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. I’ve received quite a few questions about the edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia since posting it as an ingredient in my Daily Green Smoothie recipe.  Here are my top five benefits of chia:

  1. The seed can soak up twelve times its weight in water. When consumed, the seed helps you stay hydrated longer, retain electrolytes, and remove toxins as it passes through the digestive tract.
  2. The seed is versatile, mild tasting and can be used to replace less-healthy fat in just about any recipe.
  3. Chia aids in healthy, effective weight loss because of its high fiber content and its ability to reduce blood sugar levels after meals.
  4. It is nutritionally superior to flax and soy. Chia is the richest non-marine whole food source of Omega-3 and dietary fiber currently known to man.
  5. The seed does not require pesticides to be grown. It is typically pesticide-free, free of heavy metals and not irradiated. Chia is also gluten-free.

Chia seed is the easiest thing in the world to add to your diet. Throw it in your smoothie, on top of your cereal, or mix with a glass of water and chill in the fridge the night before a long run.

I’ve been hooked ever since the first time I tried it. You can easily purchase Chia seed at Vitacost or at the YogiRunner Amazon Store.

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