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  • Dawn says:

    Nice picture, Denise! Thanks for all the encouragement that day!!

  • Sherry says:

    Hi! I, like you, am (trying) to be a runner. Find I do well up to a give distance then hit a wall. Excuses both mental and physical over take my goal for the day.
    I mostly contribute it to the extremely long period of hots days I have (although not hot like Phoenix) here in ABQ. So I have tried to run earlier in the morning but then I feel “sluggish” during the run. I run with a bottle of water and sometime start the run with e-gel. Could you respond to the types of product you use? Also how do you get over that wall of not being able to met your goal (over and over again)? Lastly…whats on your playlist! :o)

    • YogiRunner says:

      >Hi Sherry,

      Thanks for the terrific questions! Kudos to you for your desire to overcome that running wall you are hitting. 🙂

      The first recommendation I have, is to take up Yoga. I think you will find that the breathing techniques and focus practiced in class will help with some of the mental struggles you are experiencing when running.

      Next, try setting very small goals for yourself. If you find that you are hitting the wall at 5 miles, then try to run 5.25 miles next time. Continue to increase by a 1/4 mile or even a 1/2 mile until you progress past your wall.

      Decide what time of days works best for you to run and commit to it. Schedule it into your week just as you would any other appointment. Of course it’s good to always have some flexibility to be able to change things around when needed – but it helps to have a plan.

      If you are feeling sluggish running in the morning and you find that is the best time of day for your schedule, try a cup of coffee before you go. It works like a charm for me! You can also try eating a light snack. One of my favorite snacks to grab right before a run is a Stinger Waffle. They are light enough that you can eat them right before running without having to worry about cramps. You can purchase these straight from the YogiRunner Amazon Store at my website; http://www.yogirunner.com or by clicking here: http://astore.amazon.com/yogirunner-20/detail/B004UA4PYS

      I have found that trying to consume a gel while running just doesn’t work well for me. I’m not fond of the taste or the consistency and find that I often have to take in more water than I’d like just to get it down. I prefer to use the PowerBar Energy Blasts. I usually have one about every 15-20 minutes, or as needed. They are bite size and taste really good! These can also be purchased at the YogiRunner Amazon Store or by clicking here: http://astore.amazon.com/yogirunner-20/detail/B004FDJEDC

      Finally – my playlist. I listen to anything and everything! I try to keep mostly “upbeat” songs to keep me motivated, but I have my share of slower, more relaxing music as well. I carry a pad of paper with me in the car. Every time I hear a song I like, I write it down to later purchase on iTunes. I usually change out my playlist after I complete a race so that I have a fresh batch of music to train to for the next one.

      I hope this all helps. I appreciate you visiting my blog and trusting me with your questions. Please keep me posted!


      For more information, visit my website at http://www.YogiRunner.com

  • Sherry says:

    Hi! So a new year and plan to focus on running and yoga for overall fitness. I was wondering if you could give some suggestions on how you balance the two training wise? I work full time but never a consist ant schedule meaning some weeks I will work 20 hours and other weeks 90 hours so being consistant with exercise schedule is difficult (not an excuse, just reality). So on average how many days a week do you spend with yoga and then with running? How much time on short days and long days of running do you do?
    I was so impressed with your posting in the fall about realizing the need for balance with the two and was hoping to learn from your insight on the subject.

    • YogiRunner says:

      Hi Sherry,

      The amount of time you put into each is really dependent on what you want to get out of each. If you are training for any particular running events (which I usually am), then you need to plan your runs accordingly as to be adequately trained for the event. If you are running purely for fitness, then true structure really is not necessary. Committing to run 3 times a week has always worked well for me. I have found that this is enough to build endurance without too much damaging effects on the extremities.

      As for Yoga, I recommend to get in as many sessions as your schedule allows. I personally commit to at least 3 sessions a week but it is not uncommon for me to practice 4 or 5 times a week. No matter what, meditation and some simple poses are included in my daily life. Once you learn the benefits of each pose, you can use them at necessary times to work through situations.

      In short, my personal schedule includes at least 3 days of running and at least 3 days of Yoga a week – sometimes I will do both in one day, depending on how intense each practice is. But everyone has different needs and different schedules, so find what is reasonable for your life and commit to it. If you can’t get in what you want to one week due to other obligations, don’t beat yourself up. Just know that the intention is there and you can always get back to it when your schedule permits.

      I hope that helps! Remember, allow yourself to Be Free to Run and Run to Be Free! Namaste. ~

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