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Results are in….

Two weeks ago we heard the dreaded words, “It’s prostate cancer.” Over the last 14 days we continued the waiting game that had already been going on for what felt like an eternity.

It started with elevated PSA levels in January. After my incessant nagging and finally a call from the matriarch, Judy (yes, I pulled out the big guns and “told on” Brien to his Mom), Brien scheduled the Free PSA test. There was a 2 week waiting period for those results. A level of 7, prompted the scheduling of a biopsy – which was yet another 2 week waiting period. Brien had the biopsy and you guessed it, we had to wait another 2 weeks for the results. On May 1, we learned of the prostate cancer.

So here we are, two weeks later again. Today’s appointment was to learn what the scans showed….did the cancer spread or was it contained to the prostate?

We are beyond blessed to learn it has not spread. Although there is a good amount of cancer in the prostate, it is localized to this gland and can be removed.

And so, another waiting period begins. This time we wait for the scheduling of surgery. Although today’s results left us in another whirlwind of emotions, I know one thing….my husband has a positive prognosis or as the doctor put it, “the results are favorable.” As usual, my mind goes to the big picture of things – but this time it goes to envisioning him walking our daughter down the aisle, giving our son parenting tips, and holding my hand for many, many years to come.

We are blessed. #Transcend Cancer





  • Little D says:

    Boom! Imho….excellent news!!! Transcend indeed!

  • Dolly says:

    Denise, so happy to hear this news. What treatment is Brian going for? Just asking because my brother had lifelong bad results from a treatment he received.

    • YogiRunner says:

      Hi Dolly,
      He will more than likely be doing the prostatectomy. Do you mind sharing what treatment your brother had lifelong bad results with? We are definitely doing our research right now.

  • Miss Mo says:

    That is good news
    Prayers still coming your way

  • Donna says:

    I wish your family the best in this emotionally challenging time.

  • Regina Ficken says:

    Big blessings are being poured over you and Brien! Your positive attitude is amazing, just as you are, Denise!
    My heart is with you. I know too well about these diagnosis, 8-years ago on myself and 5-years ago on Wayne. The shock and fear were at times unbearable, but your love for each other and for your family is the sail that a bigger power keeps filling with the wind we need to surmount the tempestuous seas. Light to you, my friend! We are here for you for anything you might need! Love and peace!

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