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Here is What We Know…

Brien & Denise looking at each otherI write this in blog format because I figure if you take the time to click on and read the blog, we are likely close enough for this to matter. Some have asked,  “Why this way? I was shocked you shared via a blog.” Here’s my answer to that….there are so many out there who I know care and who I know will join us in prayer. I simply don’t have the energy to call or text every person I know who will join us on this journey. I believe in the power of positive, collective energy as well as prayer – so anyone taking this journey with us with those intentions is welcome and appreciated.

We know Brien has cancer. We know the doctor feels 99% confident that it has not spread. Brien is having the scans and tests to confirm that. If the doctor is right (and I believe he is), this cancer can be cured.

We are holding on to that and we are loving and supporting Brien every step of the way.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my previous blog. Thank you for the array of love and support on the FB post. Thank you for the private messages, texts and phone calls. Thank you for all of the advice. Thank you to my amazing neighbor for marching over here with a homemade banana bread, giving me a hug and letting me cry. Thank you for walking with us and not judging us for our method of communicating or handling this.

We feel your love and support. Brien is ridiculously strong right now. I know he will #TrasnscendCancer.



  • Will ribadeneira says:

    best wishes to Brien on a speedy and complete recovery

  • Richard says:

    I did not realize.. I hope all turns out great for him and you!

  • Cyndi B says:

    Beautifully said a Denise.
    A cancer diagnosis is always a scary thing and I respect you and your husband in your decision to share this so that we may all pray for him and your family. My husband was so private about his diagnosis and I was only able to share with family in my request for prayers. I wish I could have everyone praying for him, but had to respect his wishes. All is good as I know it will be for your husband

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