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“Day Before the Race” Checklist

Approaching an unusual 15K race distance tomorrow, I decided to create a simple “day before the race” checklist that is applicable for any event from a 5K run to a marathon:

  • Hydrate and limit excessive caffeine intake.
  • Drink a nutritious smoothie using Coconut Water as the base for extra hydration.
  • Go for a light jog to get the blood flowing and the muscles loose.
  • Practice some gentle Yoga.
  • Utilize a foam roller or Yoga Blocks to break up fascia in the legs.
  • Soak in a hot bath with Epsom Salt.
  • Prepare and munch on Energy Balls.
  • Eat an well-balanced, energy packed meal early in the evening. My personal favorite is the Sweet Potato Stir-Fry!
  • Go to bed early and sleep well.

It’s important to eliminate any unnecessary physical or mental stress the day before a race. Your training is done, your body is ready – so just go out, do your best, and have fun! And whatever you do, just breathe. 🙂


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