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Finding the Balance

One of the many benefits of running solo is it provides an opportunity to think. When I hit the pavement, it is truly a meditative time for me, one that I often use to ponder situations for which I’m seeking answers.

I set out for a 15-mile run today as part of my current marathon training. I was feeling some knee discomfort the first three miles, but by mile 7, I was enveloped by my runner’s high feeling like I could conquer 100 miles. By mile 10, my hips and hamstrings started tightening up, but by mile 13, I felt strong and limber.

As I worked through this series of physical and mental situations, I was asking myself the entire time, “Is it worth it at this point in my life to train for another marathon?” The reward of accomplishing another goal is huge, but the grueling training schedule takes a big toll on my personal life as well as my physical and mental being. Not to mention the effects the increased mileage has on my progressing Yoga practice.

I’ve been pondering the pros and cons for a couple of weeks now and have been conflicted as to what to do. And then it dawned on me – the place that I am at today, on my YogiRunner journey, is a place where I am seeking balance and peace. I love Yoga just as much as running and want to passionately practice both! I don’t want to sacrifice one for the other or go so extreme with one that it negatively impacts the other.  For once in my life, I am willing to take things in moderation.

So I made the decision. The decision to continue with my two passions in a balanced effort. Marathons will always be there for me to run. But for now, I want to be free to run and run to be free. No pressure, no pain. Just the continued peaceful practice of my two favorite activities; running and Yoga.



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