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And So the Story Goes….


9 months is the amount of time it takes for a new life to form inside a mother’s womb. It’s amazing that in 9 months, cells can transform into a full fledged human being – one seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes and endless possibilities.

It’s been 9 months since I walked away from the life I knew for 16 years. The early days and months were tough but also exciting (in retrospect). Like a newborn, I had many nights of endless crying, I was cranky, I found myself unable to fully understand this world I was in, and truly baffled by this newfound way of being. It was somewhat of an existential experience because on the other side of all that uncertainty was a budding curiosity and flourishing hope that I was entering into a new space of opportunity and exploration.

Every day that passed I became stronger and more aware of the opportunities in front of me. Colors seemed brighter, friendships seemed more meaningful. I began appreciating more, listening more, opening my heart more and letting go of the petty little things that used to rob so much of my energy.

I spent an entire month with my parents and developed a whole new appreciation for who they are and what incredible parents they have always been. The kids and I started become more of a unified unit. I moved into a new house and made it my own. I made the conscious decision that my home would be a welcoming space for all, filled with love and acceptance.

With Parents Grad

My son graduated from High School and I celebrated him rather than mourn the loss of an era. My daughter and I started transitioning into a stage of friendship (don’t get me wrong, I’m still the Mama), but our streams of conversations broadened and deepened.

Char and ME

The dogs continued to give us all the love, sweetness and companionship we needed.


And I met Andy. This amazing human being who shows me what it is like to be truly loved. Who makes me feel like the most special and adored person in the whole world. Who walks beside me as a partner and values me for exactly who I am.

Me and Andy1

To top it all off, I landed my dream job. I was promoted to Director of BeLocal Product Growth at the N2 Company and I am doing work that I truly love at a company that I am fully invested in.


And so the story goes….after darkness comes light. After a hurricane comes a rainbow. After some time (say 9 months), comes new life.

For me, the story goes into a happily ever after. I lost it all, to gain it all.


I thank the universe for loss. Without the great loss 9 months ago, I would have never known what I was missing.

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