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Wellness Coaching

Wellness is a choice….a decision to be the optimal you!

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Yoga Coaching

All techniques of Yoga aim to produce tranquility of mind body and spirit.

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Welcome to a unique mind/body journey. If you are looking for a new approach to wellness that is kind to the body and focused on the spirit, then YogiRunner.com is the perfect stop for you! With over 20-years’ experience in fitness and wellness, YogiRunner represents optimal wellness that includes tranquility and peace of mind. So come with me to learn how to take struggle out - and create a pathway to developing the best version of you!

YogiRunner offers a variety of Coaching opportunities including One-on-One Wellness Coaching, Yoga Coaching and Healthy Eating/Kitchen Make-Overs. Options range from one time sessions to long-term partnerships. YogiRunner Coaching is designed to help you move towards a place of stability, strength, enlightenment and growth by encouraging personal responsibility and self-discovery of the mind-body connection.

For more details and pricing information visit Wellness Coaching & Yoga Coaching or email us at YogiRunnerDenise@gmail.com.